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So here I am – a 50 year old woman who wants to start being artistic. Doing art. Being creative. I plan to get good.

My life has not been arty at all; I have crafted, I have been creative with business. But art, that’s something that strange people do. Then I realised I was probably one of those strange people, I just am a late starter/bloomer.

So tomorrow I start a 365 project. I plan to create something with paint and paper, photograph it, post it here. Repeat 365 times. Simple.

I also want to improve my skills. So constructive criticism is welcome. Even better if you are good at art, have done it for years. Studied with teachers, and other artists. I know I shall start out doing terrible art, I have done fewer than 20 paintings since I decided to start art. You don’t do good art from 20 paintings, probably not even from 200 paintings, but when I have finished the project I will have done 365 paintings, I should be well on my way to doing 1 good painting.

So a painting every day for 365 days. It will be hard, not because I don’t want to, because I really,really do. But because some days I am really tired, completely and utterly fatigued. That makes doing a lot of things hard. Like housework. So I have some help. I have a book with 365 (and more) prompts which i shall follow, so there’s no excuses. I have set my “theme” as Whimsy, because the world needs more fucking whimsy. I have set up some IFTTT recipes that will post each day to social media to get in front of as many eyeballs that can stand my terrible art. And because I know myself, I have also set up punishment should I be late or stop – in the form of a $5 per late day deduction from my credit card which will go to some start-up people who created the app to take money from reprobates. I don’t want to give start-up people my money!

So the rules – a painting (or pottery piece on rare Thursdays) a day. Every day. For 365 days. 


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