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Welcome to my mid-life crisis

Hey, thanks for dropping by. I am not actively pimping my page where people will find it so it’s a pleasure to have you take a look.

Obviously my name is Allison Reynolds. No I am not the Ally Sheedy character from Breakfast Club (though I adored that movie in my teens). I am an almost middle-aged woman who is a world expert in resilience. I have reinvented myself several times, and in this incarnation I am letting go of the business and technical side of me and attempting to nurture my creative side.

This site used to be all about my business stuff but now it is going to be my way of adding a little beauty to the world every day. Whether that is by creation or capturing what pleases my eye.

As much as I love you reading the site, it isn’t done with you in mind. It is a journal of sorts, a legacy, and I hope a version of the truth that is pretty honest. Well it started out that way, I’ll check back in later to see if it has stayed that way. I’ll keep talking as if you are there though. Can’t have you feeling too much like a peeping Tom, after all I am leaving the curtains open deliberately!

I have a finite number of days left, and this site will keep me mindful of the wonderful things that please me.


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